«Connecting collectors
with Intelligence»


ArtMarketGuru is a website that offers intelligent analysis and region specific research on the global art market. Founded in 2017 by Swiss Art Dealer Frédéric de Senarclens, ArtMarketGuru is an alternative source of art market research, analysis and statistics.

ArtMarketGuru’s market reports focus on artists and collectors in the world’s new and emerging art markets.  We are unique in that our reports contain in-depth evaluations of not only the art markets but also give a sense of the cultural traditions, customs and approaches to these regional art markets. We aim to show what local artists, collectors and dealers are buying and selling and how Western dealers can approach new and unknown art markets.

Our objective is to bring you dynamic and bespoke art market intelligence, which can provide collectors with crucial information to navigate the art world. Our upcoming reports will focus on areas such as Hong Kong, Africa and the Middle-East.




www.artandonly.com – an online gallery specializing in international contemporary art. 

www.artandcollect.com a powerful and innovative platform to provide collectors and professionals direct and transparent access to unique works from international contemporary artists and designers.