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ArtMarketGuru offers dynamic and bespoke art market intelligence.

It provides intelligent analysis and region-specific research on the global art market, offering an expert source of market research and statistics. We deliver dynamic and bespoke market intelligence, which provides collectors, art dealers, gallery owners and consultants with crucial information to navigate the art world.


Country and Regional Reports

ArtMarketGuru’s country and regional reports focus on artists and collectors in the established and emerging markets. Our unique reports contain in-depth evaluations of not only the market but also give a sense of the cultural traditions, customs and approaches to these regions. We research what local artists, collectors and dealers are buying and selling and how existing and would be dealers can approach these new and established markets.

Our latest country and region specific reports can be found here and include an overall look at European markets such as Germany, Italy and the UK and other regions including Africa and the US.


New Technologies and the Art Market

We take pride in being one of the first resources to study and analyse the impact of new technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the art market.

Art Market Guru’s industry research report How to Make and Protect Investments in Art through Blockchain Technology – first published in January 2018 and updated quarterly – is an invaluable guide and resource for investment bankers, venture capitalists, institutions and high net-worth individuals interested in making investments in art-related Blockchain technology.

Our reports and articles in our publication Le Journal explore the intersection of Art and Technology, looking at the changes, challenges and opportunities facing the market today.

New reports are released monthly, to be alerted to new reports, please sign up for our newsletter.

ArtMarketGuru also undertakes bespoke research and specific market reports for private clients. For details of these, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us at info@artmarket.guru.




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