ArtMarketGuru provides strategic advice to museums, artists, galleries, A&C auction houses, and collectors who will benefit from our Digital Transformation consultancy services. Our online publication ArtMarketGuru reports and analyses cutting-edge technologies, individuals, and trends disrupting the art market.


Digital Transformation Service

Technology is radically changing the way we consume art today and it is imperative to have a digital strategy in a modern-day business. We are able to assist you with your digital transformation, uncovering the power of new technologies and exploring different avenues enabling you to accelerate your business model. Our Digital Transformation Services are there to help collectors, art dealers, gallery owners and auctioneers navigate the online world and create a new business experience, from consulting, strategy building to implementation.

Is your art gallery or auction house fit for the digital age? Are you addressing the needs of Millennials online? Are you satisfied with your online strategy?


Industry Notes and Reports

Our Industry Notes and Reports analyse current trends such as Blockchain and review companies active in the art market, examining their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and challenges they face.

What should stakeholders consider – and what should they be wary of – when considering investments in an upstart technology? It is often a struggle to distinguish which opportunities in the art world are viable, profitable and legitimate and we aim to aid these decisions. Our Industry Notes and Reports support stakeholders in gauging the different levels of risk and opportunities in start-ups, new technologies or existing art businesses.


Country and Regional Reports

ArtMarketGuru’s country and regional reports focus on artists and collectors in the established and emerging markets. Our unique reports contain in-depth evaluations of not only the market but also give a sense of the cultural traditions, customs and approaches to these regions. We research what local artists, collectors and dealers are buying and selling and how existing and novice dealers can approach these emerging and established markets.


Collector’s lists

ArtMarketGuru’s collector’s lists compile insights and information on modern and contemporary art collectors, providing dealers and gallery owners with an expert overview of the key players across a country or a region. Our collector’s lists are the perfect companion for dealers seeking to understand the market in depth before attending an art fair or traveling to a specific country.

We undertake bespoke research and specific market reports for private clients. For details of these, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us at info@artmarket.guru.