Like every traditional market and industry, the art market has undergone a rapid change in the last decade. Today, everyone from the serious art collectors through to art lovers and even first-time buyers has an almost endless number of ways to browse and shop for art online. Perhaps the biggest challenge has become finding the right site to buy the kind of art you require. The online art world provides you with a variety of sources, ranging from highly curated sites complete with a wonderful customer service experience to sites that act as simple intermediaries. The democratization of the art world means that you can connect directly with artists themselves.

Today, galleries, auction houses and artists adopt a variety of methods to engage with the art world online. Among them remains a world of traditional galleries and auction houses that provide you with a high level of expertise and information. The development of peer-to-peer platforms in the art market has also seen the birth of many sites that tie targeted buyers to artists. Often such websites or digital platforms offer a personalised experience. Finally, there are also sites that directly connect buyers and artists without taking any commission.

Many of these platforms are beautifully put together. They all aim to create greater transparency in the global art market and to make art more accessible.

We have put together a list of the best contemporary online art sites and galleries where you can find everything from signed editions from 20th-century giants through to established and even emerging artists. Our list includes a range of different styles, prices and mediums. We ensure the list is updated on a regular basis, so you can always find the best places to shop for art.



Inside the Online Art Market

This is our up-to-date list of the best contemporary art sites, galleries, and e-commerce sites as well as artistic resources available on the web today.