There is a marked rise in online galleries, this includes galleries that already have brick and mortar locations who are putting their collections online. Gallery owners are now questioning why they should spend money renting a physical space, however, often it is still needed for branding purposes. The current offline equivalents to many of the online galleries would be similar the Affordable Art Fair which brings together hundreds of pieces from all over the world, ranging in price and style to one location. The increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence helps users navigate their way through artworks, enhancing the search and discovery experience for site users, and in turn increased the possibility of increased sales for galleries.

Here is a list of key players:



Founded in 2016 by brothers Jeppe and Mattis Curth, Artland is an app and social networking platform that hopes to become the default place where collectors and dealers will go to view art online as well as share, buy and sell it. It is currently used by 50,000 users. The online viewing spaces have been created through 3D scans of exhibitions from galleries, museums and exhibitions all over the world. The apps founders created Artland to help emerging millennial collectors similar to themselves, providing a new and accessible way to start buying and experiencing art. The app is free for its users, however, galleries pay a monthly fee in order to feature their latest exhibitions.



ArtSlant is a networking and content platform founded in Los Angeles in 2007 by the late Georgia Fee. It is committed to providing people in the art-buying community with a more social outlook on the art world.With the intention to bridge the gaps between the artworld, media and community, it offers an online magazine and an interactive calendar, alongside its online gallery.

Degree Art is of the first art galleries to emerge online, and has over 12 years’ experience selling the work of art school graduates and fresh young talent. Degree Art believes purchasing art of those at this level can be a valuable investment as the low-priced work tends not to stay so for long, as the artists career develops. Through these sales and a series of exhibitions and artist residencies, Degree Art nurtures emerging artists and provides a pivotal platform from which to kick-start a successful career.



New Blood Art is an online gallery, featuring a curated collection of works of art from new and emerging artists. New Blood Art was founded by Sarah Ryan in 2004. Sarah is passionate about helping emerging artists get the recognition they deserve and helping them earn by selling their art. At the same time, Sarah is also driven by the desire to make original art both affordable and accessible. New Blood Art’s niche is selling unique and original artworks that have been carefully curated.



Rise Art is an online contemporary art marketplace serving individuals, artists, businesses and trade customers. Artworks on the site are handpicked by experts, allowing art lovers to buy art. For a fee, customers can also rent art to trial it in their home or office before purchasing. Rise Art was founded by Scott Phillips and Marcos Steverlynck. The site features a shop where you can buy artworks, a section on featured artists and blog content. Rise Art has been featured in press such as the Guardian and Apartment Therapy.


Uprise Art

Founded in 2011 in New York, Uprise Art is geared towards millennials, matching emerging talent with a ‘new generation of collectors.’ It does this through offering works by the best emerging artists for a wide range of prices, with a section specifically devoted to works priced at $800 or less. This accessible price range attracts a new kind of collector who has perhaps not been able to collect art at ease in the past. The gallery also offers free sessions with art advisors to enable one to find the perfect art work.