ArtAndCollect – The new wave of art collecting

ArtAndCollect is a new global platform that allows collectors to post works for sale directly with no intermediary and no commission.

Conceived as a worldwide network of art players, ArtAndCollect was created as an alternative route to traditional galleries and auction houses, providing the framework for buyers and sellers to start their own conversations, and take sales into their own hands, interacting directly with other collectors. This interaction is what separates ArtAndCollect from other ventures as the go-to platform for those wishing to establish more direct relationships within an online community and a space to express their interests.

ArtAndCollect offers a unique opportunity to private collectors to offer their works for sale, seeking to provide more transparent and direct access to the market. The site is funded by a subscription based system which is activated only after the second piece of work is listed for sale. The site is also open to galleries and more established art dealers, further expanding the community and access provided to users of the site.

Founder, and art entrepreneur Frédéric de Senarclens says “ArtAndCollect offers a platform for collectors, buyers and sellers, to negotiate and deal directly, further democratizing the online art market. As more artists and collectors join, so the network grows, providing an organically evolving, global database that can be accessed at the click of a button.”

ArtAndCollect operates on a no commission policy, and each seller simply pays a fee to list each work for sales on the site, with the first work for sale being free to post. Thereafter users can choose from a staggered fee structure according to the volume of works they sell, providing opportunities to suit all levels of interest. Users can receive the contact details of potential buyers directly to their personal email address, allowing them to contact other collectors and view profiles and interests.

Users of the site will gain access to a platform that strives to consistently enhance the sellers/buyers experience. The technology used to develop ArtAndCollect is flexible, and will offer more services to collectors as it grows.

ArtAndCollect is the third innovative online offering from Frédéric de Senarclens. His first, ArtAndOnly, which launched in 2016, is a highly curated online gallery space. His second, ArtMarketGuru, offers art market intelligence and recently launched with a report on the growing South East Asian art market.

According to TEFAF report, the world’s auction and private sales achieved total sales of US$45 billion in 2016. Art Basel and UBS estimated that more than US$ 56 billion were traded last year. With online sales of art estimated at over $4.9 billion in 2016, ArtAndCollect represents an opportunity for collectors to sell their works and engage in a close community of fellow art lovers in a burgeoning online marketplace. Recent research carried out for The Art Market Report 2017 stated that online sales have now become an important method of dealers reaching new customers, with over half (56%) of online sales generated by dealers to clients who had never been to their gallery or met them in person.