Managing Social Media for Artists and Galleries

Digital transformation technologies like social media have remade the way galleries and artists promote and sell art. With over 3 billion active social media users in the world by the year 2021*, social media offers to artists and galleries around the world to reach out to consumers they would never have had access to in the past. With the right combination of business management approaches and social media engagement strategies, artists and galleries can promote art and collectibles (A&C) to generate greater sales than they would without the digital technologies.

One of the greatest challenges of successful social networking is managing multiple social media channels. Effective organization and management of the digital platforms increases the reach and “volume” of the messages sellers want to promote. Also, without a way to manage message threads, individuals can spend an inordinate amount of time each day posting, monitoring, and re-posting articles, images, and advertisements. Tech companies have been quick to realize the quandary and have developed tools specifically to manage social media channels.

Below is a list of six effective social media management tools suitable for artists and galleries.

Hubspot is one of the most popular social marketing and sales software solutions on the market with over 52,000 clients across 100 countries. It helps users grow their audience through numerous social media management features, including free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. For those who are on a budget, Hubspot offers a variety of free solutions for building customer relationships, gaining insight into content and deals, as well as managing tasks. For a more diverse set of features, users can opt for paid packages that offer a larger number of benefits, such as automating publication of posts and leveraging analytics.

Monday is a platform that allows users to plan and organize their strategies as well as track the progress of the whole team. Over 36,000 business teams organize their tasks and workflow through this management platform. Monday offers accurate statistic reports and increases the overall team’s efficiency.

HootSuite is a versatile social media management tool that can be accessed through web-based and mobile devices. It allows users to manage their social media channels from a single dashboard, increasing speed and efficiency of the management process. Artists and galleries can schedule and manage their social media posts as well as browse for trending content that will boost their social media engagement. Other features of the platform include tracking and analyzing results, pre-approving content for team members to post, and automating social media posts in one click.

Very similar to HootSuite, Buffer is another social media automation software solution that enables users to schedule posts across multiple channels. Over 80,000 businesses use Buffer to manage all their social media accounts and schedule posts to ensure positive results in terms of engagement and social media exposure. Buffer allows artists to schedule their social media content themselves or let the software decide which is the best time to publish content.

Spedfast lets users leverage the power of social media at its best. The platform was designed to increase exposure and conversion rates specifically through social media channels. Artists and galleries can expand their audience and build more customer relationships than through conventional means. Companies and organizations that use Spredfast include the NBA, National Geographic, the BBC, and Bank of America.

ZoHo is actually an online business management platform that allows artists and galleries to manage many standard aspects of their business. The platform offers over 40 applications from sales and marketing to social media management and campaign management. Used by 40 million individuals and companies across the globe, ZoHo also addresses business requirements like CRM, email marketing, app building, accounting, and analytics.


A Social Media Future

Social media has become an unavoidable part of promoting a business. Projecting an online presence enables artists and galleries to reach larger groups of people and interact with their audiences in a more convenient and effective manner than in the days of art exhibitions in galleries that felt exclusive of average consumers. Increased sales leads and conversions are only some of the benefits that come with marketing artwork through social media.  Long-term benefits include wider exposure as well as more rapidly-built reputations for artists and galleries alike.