TAJAN – The First Auction House to Install an ARTMYN Scanner in Partnership with INVALUABLE

French auction house Tajan is the first to have installed a permanent Artmyn 5D Scanner through a partnership with Invaluable. We spoke to Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento, Director of Communications and Marketing about collaboration and the impact of the scanner. It was first put to the test in their Modern Contemporary art sales (27 – 28 November 2018) in which bidders were able to use the revolutionary scanning system to view works online in ultra-high definition.

ajTajan Artmyn 5D Scanner through a partnership with Invaluable
French auction house Tajan is the first to have installed a permanent Artmyn 5D Scanner through a partnership with Invaluable.

Conceived by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the Artmyn scanner is a piece of technology that combines thousands of photographs captured through different light sources and spectrums, including UV lights. The scanning process extracts DNA (including topography, reflectance and colorimetric properties) from artworks recording a works unique features. With the help of the scanning technology you are able to view features like the materiality and texture in heightened quality which are otherwise invisible to the human eye.

Invaluable CEO, Rob Weisberg said about the collaboration, “We provided the Artmyn scanner to Tajan – at no cost to the auction house – as the first step in irreversibly changing how fine art is promoted and sold at auction.”



With an increase in online sales the installation of the Artmyn scanner could not have come at a better time according to Romain, he told ArtMarketGuru:

“TAJAN defines itself as a luxury boutique and we have a strong position on new technologies and a permanent desire to offer innovative and useful services to our customers. While we offer live sales, online only sales, an Eshop and a gallerist activity (Tajan The Gallery) it seemed essential to accompany the digital transition and the last step was offering our users the opportunity remotely explore works in great detail.”


Romain also told us that the response has been overwhelmingly positive amongst collectors who are have so far been very impressed with the technology. 70% of Tajan’s clients are outside of France, therefore, it is extremely beneficial for them to have this technology as it allows overseas clients to interact with artworks “as if the original was in their hands.”

According to Invaluable they will be offering scanners to many more auction houses with whom they are partners in the coming months in their bid to “revolutionize the auction industry.”


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