Africa Top Collectors

Published: 8th December 2017

No. Pages: 30

Report Type: List of collectors

Report content

This Top Collectors report provides expert insight into the key players across the African continent, offering:

  • A major comprehensive guide for dealers seeking to understand the art scene of Africa, the perfect starting point for you to understand the most up and coming art market
  • 30 pages of valuable insights into key collecting habits and interests of major players in Africa
  • One of the most extensive lists of African Art Collectors, containing the major buyers across the continent
  • Overviews of current and past art world involvement, an up to date list of all associations within the art world
  • Details of sales, collections and works and major purchases
  • Notes on affiliations with galleries and cultural institutions
  • Links to all relevant sites and businesses for easy and direct access for readers
  • A go-to list, providing links to top collectors and collections, providing expert inside knowledge of the region



In recent years, the African art market has expanded, both within Africa itself and on the international art market. A 2016 CNN article declared African art “hotter than gold.” Across the world, galleries and museums dedicated to African modern and contemporary art have risen in both number and value. In some cases, this expansion has been quite dramatic, with great potential for future growth, especially among African collectors.

This list provides an overview of the top collectors from across the continent, a guidebook on who’s who in the art scene of Africa. These collectors represent the most influential forces in the current art market, an A-list of major players that are causing major impacting right now. This list provides your first access to this incredibly apropos market, helping to build core knowledge of the art scene as it unfolds.