Art and Blockchain Industry Report

Published: 25th April 2018

No. Pages: 23

Report Type: Industry Report

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The Report – the first of its kind for the art market – is an invaluable guide and resource for investment bankers, venture capitalists, institutions and high net-worth individuals interested in making investments in art-related Blockchain technology.

Download a copy of How to Make and Protect Investments in Art through Blockchain Technology to dramatically reduce the chances of losing money on Blockchain.




Executive Summary

Blockchain Technology: A Primer

  • What is a Blockchain?
  • What is a Digital Currency?
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • What Is an ICO?

Blockchain Due Diligence Considerations

Performing Due Diligence

Art authentication and provenance

  • Authentication
  • Provenance and Monetization
  • Privacy

Art sales

Art insurance

Art transportation logistics


This package includes a copy of our Industry Notes on Codex Protocol and Maecenas.



Interest and speculation in Blockchain technology have never been greater. Blockchain promoters promise a world in which Blockchain will be bigger than the Internet. The opportunities for wealth creation, they insist, are limitless. Undaunted by the hype, private equity investors and high net worth individuals are looking for ways to invest in “the technology of the century”.

Forward-thinking art investors, artists, collectors and galleries are already exploiting money-making opportunities in Blockchain. They are using the technology to build alternative platforms from which to create, share and purchase art. Pilot blockchain projects by some of the largest logistics and insurance companies in the world are also reshaping the way they move and protect art.

But how to judge which Blockchain opportunities in Art are real, viable and legitimate? What should investors consider – and what should they be wary of – when considering investments in the upstart technology?

The industry research report How to Make and Protect Investments in Art through Blockchain Technology answers those questions and more. Produced by the technology market research team at, the Report tells investors how to gauge investment opportunities in Blockchain. is the only art-related online publication that explores the cutting-edge separating technology and art.

The Report provides guidance on how to go about performing due diligence of art-related Blockchain networks that are currently transforming or poised to disrupt the areas of:

  • Authentication and provenance
  • Sales and Auctions
  • Insurance
  • Art logistics


How to Make and Protect Investments in Art through Blockchain Technology reveals the main points to look out for when exploring investment opportunities in art-related Blockchain. The report lists the questions investors should ask Blockchain promoters – and the answers they should receive – about the areas of:

  • Technology
  • Security
  • Government policy
  • Corporate governance
  • Investor rights




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