Complete Southeast Asia Art Market Intelligence Package

Published: 1st December 2017

No. Pages: 75

Report Type: Special package

Report content

This special package includes two Southeast Asia Art Market Intelligence Reports, including our Southeast Asia Top Collectors Report and Top Artists of the Region.

This combined package offers:

  • A comprehensive insider guide for dealers seeking to understand the art scene of Southeast Asia
  • An A-list of the major Southeast Asian art players you need to know
  • 70 pages of valuable insights into the market including major collector habits, key players, and statistical figures
  • Biographical details of major players with an overview of current and past art world involvement
  • Details of sales, collections and works and major purchases
  • Links to all relevant sites and businesses for easy and direct access for readers
  • A go-to list, providing links to top collectors and collections, and insider knowledge of the Southeast Asian art world



This expert guide to the Southeast Asian art market is an unparalleled handbook for those seeking expertise on the region, ahead of Singapore Art Week in January 2018, this package comes at a pivotal moment for the region. Featuring a list of the top Southeast Asian Art Collectors, our exclusive Art Market Intelligence Report and Top Regional Artists you need to know, this package offers a comprehensive overview of the Southeast Asian art scene.

Recent interest has led to a surge in sales of Southeast Asian art across major international art fairs, with the region itself a thriving cultural hub, supported both economically and culturally by a generation seeking emerging contemporary art and new ways in which to invest their wealth.

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