Italian Top Collectors

Published: 22nd March 2018

No. Pages: 28

Report Type: List of collectors

Report content

This concise report provides a valuable insight into the Italian art market, offering:

  • 28 pages of comprehensive insights into the market including key players, statistics and collector associations in the art market
  • Top collectors, dealers and art market plays, representing an overview of the market and a who’s who of key figures
  • Relevant links to institutions, associations and establishments of which collectors are connected to
  • Details of works and major purchases alongside key artists represented in collections

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Historically, Italy has been a seismic centre for innovation in the art world, pioneering artistic production, patronage and collection from the age of classical antiquity to the Renaissance, from the Baroque through to post-war Italian Futurism and beyond. Today, Italy remains a primary player and pivotal point of reference in the international art market, home to a wealth of established collectors and site of a burgeoning, internationally successful art market.

In recent years, the Italian art market has been on the rise. London’s Italian art sales at Christie’s and Sotheby’s rose from £32 million in 2011 to a grand total of £83.6 million in 2015. In 2016, acquisitions resulting from auctions, gallery sales and private sales resulted in a 17% market increase. That year, Italy itself held 3% of the European art market share, preceded only by the UK, France and Germany.

This list, an essential selection of the top collectors across the region, contains major names from Renato Alpegiani to Bruna and Matteo Viglietta. Alongside this, the Top Italian Collectors and Influencers 2018 Report includes links to relevant organisations and associated institutes that market players are connected to, providing a rich and densely packed catalogue that represents the perfect companion guide to those seeking to understand the market.