Swiss Top Collectors

Published: 8th February 2018

No. Pages: 27

Report Type: List of collectors

Report content

This Top Collectors report provides an expert overview of the key players across Switzerland, offering:

  • A comprehensive guide to the Top Collectors of Switzerland. The perfect starting point for dealers seeking to understand the art scene of this significant market
  • 27 pages of valuable insights into key collecting habits and interests of major players in Switzerland
  • Overviews of current and past art world involvement, an up to date list of all associations within the art world
  • Details of sales, collections and works and major purchases
  • Notes on affiliations with galleries and cultural institutions
  • A go-to list of art market players providing expert inside knowledge of the region


Home to thousands of major art collectors and cultural aficionados, Switzerland has long been a melting pot of commerce and culture, situated in the very heart of Europe. Boosted by a number of wealthy patrons and ongoing development of public institutions, Switzerland boasts more museums per head of population than almost any other country worldwide, winning the European Museum of the Year Award in 2017 for The Museum of Ethnography in Geneva, as well as many other cultural accolades. The commitment to diversity and innovation that Switzerland holds is just one of the reasons that so many flock to the country yearly for the distinguished Art Basel fair, a celebration and showcase of the best contemporary art.

This report is the perfect companion for dealers seeking to understand the market in depth before attending fairs such as Geneva Art Fair and Art Basel. Providing an overview of the art scene of Switzerland, these collectors represent a who’s who in the Swiss market.